Friday, January 24, 2014

Fingerplay Fun Friday: Way Up In the Sky!

Here is a great good morning rhyme: Way Up In the Sky

Way Up In the Sky

Way up in the sky
The little birds fly
While down in the nest
The little birds rest
Shhh! They're sleeping.

With a wing on the left
And a wing on the right
The little birds sleep
All through the night.
Shhh! They're sleeping.

Up comes the sun
And the dew drops away
Good morning, good morning,
the little birds say

I like this one because it can easily support a waking routine.  Young children often have a difficult time transitioning from one activity to another.  Waking from a warm bed and moving into a stimulating environment can be a little jarring.  Connecting a fun and comforting song with the transition can help ease things.  This is especially helpful if your morning is a little bit rushed.

Establishing routines helps kids make predictions about what is going to happen next.  In addition to supporting a child's social and emotional development, this is a skill that will help kids comprehend what they read once they begin learning.

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