Friday, November 22, 2013

Fingerplay Fun Friday: Mosquito One, Mosquito Two!

Here is a fun rhyme, originally from the Caribbean: Mosquito One, Mosquito Two

Mosquito One, Mosquito Two

Mosquito one,
Mosquito two,

Mosquito jumps
In the old man's shoe;

The shoe's too hot
He jumps in the pot

The pot's too cold
He jumps in the hole

The hole's too deep
He jumps in the jeep

The jeep's too fast
He jumps in the grass

Just then, an old man passes...
The mosquito hides...
Then he jumps outside!!

Who doesn't love a rhyme where you get to jump a lot?!  I have modified the last few lines of the rhyme, turning it into a fun "jump" surprise (the last lines of some of the original versions are a little naughty).

I love the repetition of the word "jump" throughout this rhyme.  Kids quickly learn that they will be jumping into each new place.  The final big jump is delayed with a slight shift in the narrative.  This delay builds suspense.  When kids play and practice at waiting, they are developing important self-regulation skills.  The ability to quiet your internal urges is very challenging for lots of kids.  Self-regulation is a skill that many Kindergarten teachers want to see in new students.  Playing waiting and anticipating games can help grow this skill in a fun and meaningful way!!

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