Friday, August 2, 2013

Fingerplay Fun Friday!

Here's a fun action rhyme all about a busy little turtle: The Little Turtle

The Little Turtle

There was a little turtle (hands together)
He lived inside a box (make a box with hands)
He swam in a puddle (pretend to swim)
He climbed on the rocks (pretend to climb)

He snapped at a mosquito (clap hands)
He snapped at a flea
He snapped at a minnow
He snapped at me

He caught the mosquito (grab with your hand)
He caught the flea
He caught the minnow
But he didn't catch me (wag finger)

I like this rhyme because it is simple, yet challenging.  Remembering the correct order of the turtle's prey can be quite difficult.  First, the turtle snaps at the mosquito, then the flea, then the minnow and finally me.  Next, he catches the mosquito, the flea, the minnow... but not me!  It helps that "flea" and "me" rhyme.

Understanding sequencing and recognizing rhymes and patterns are all very important pre-reading skills.  Kids who are able to anticipate what is coming next are better at making predictions when they begin learning to read.

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