Friday, July 26, 2013

Fingerplay Fun Friday!

Today, we feature a short little rhyme all about fruit: Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Watermelon, watermelon (shape watermelon with hands)
Papaya, papaya (shape papaya with hands)
Slice up the banana (chop hand down one arm)
Slice up the banana (chop hand down other arm)
Fruit salad, fruit salad (hands on hips, rotate hips)

This super-short rhyme is sure to delight kids.  The hiccupy last line, complete with hip wiggles and all, is such a hilarious way to end the fun! 

I like how this rhyme gives kids a chance to practice making shapes with their bodies while learning about a few fruits at the same time.

Watermelons are great big ovals (and very delicious)...

Papayas are a little bumpy, with the top smaller than the bottom (and also delicious)...

and Bananas are nice and long, just like our arms (and... you guess it... delicious!).

The shapes that make up these familiar fruits also make up the letters that we read.  Kids who are comfortable playing with shapes are one step closer to mastering the pre-reading skill we call Letter Knowledge.   This refers to a child's understanding that letters are different from each other, that they have names and associated sounds, and that they combine to form printed words.

As with last week's rhyme, I picked this one up while attending the recent American Library Association annual conference.  I'm indebted to Ms. Anna for sharing this one.

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