Friday, June 21, 2013

Fingerplay Fun Friday!

Do you need to update your workout routine?  We've got you covered! 

Check out this week's nursery rhyme: Here We Go Up, Up, Up

Here We Go Up, Up, Up
(sitting on the floor with baby resting on your foot)

Here we go up, up, up (lift baby up)
Here we go down, down, down (lower baby)
Here we go backward (push baby toward you)
And forward (bring baby toward you)
And here we go round and around!!! (rotate baby around in circles)

I can't think of a more fun way to work on your abs than with this wild little rhyme.  Pair this with Let's Go Riding In an Elevator and you've got yourself a full-body workout.  P90X has nothing on nursery games!!

When we do rhymes like this we are helping kids build a better understanding of spatial relationships.  "Up" and "down" are concepts that kids figure into the bigger early literacy skill we call print awareness.  Print awareness is a child's understanding of how printed words works.  When kids begin to learn how to read, they need to understand that, in English, we typically read from left to right, top to bottom (or UP to DOWN). 

Spatial understanding and awareness is also a very important part of a child's early math and science knowledge.  Follow our recent blog posts on early numeracy for more early math information.

So much learning is involved in such a silly little nursery game.  How cool is that?!

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