Friday, June 7, 2013

Fingerplay Fun Friday!

Happy Friday!  Here's a fun little movement game to get you ready for the weekend ahead: Looby Loo

Looby Loo

Here we go looby loo,
Here we go looby light,
Here we go looby loo,
All on a Saturday night.

You put your right hand in.
Your take your right hand out.
You give your right hand a shake, shake, shake,
And turn yourself about.

(continue with left hand, right foot, left foot, then end with whole self)

This rhyme will likely remind folks of the remarkably similar "Hokey Pokey."  The history of these game songs is really quite fascinating.  You may be surprised to learn that Sony/ATV Music Publishing currently holds a copyright to "The Hokey Pokey."  Our rhyme, "Looby Loo," is quite a bit older.  It may be found in print as early as Halliwell's 1886 edition of The Nursery Rhymes of England

What I like best about this rhyme is that it gives kids lots of opportunities for moving around and engaging in big body play.  At the same time, there are repeated chances for practicing the concepts of left and right.  As I have previously mentioned, concepts like left and right are part of the early literacy skill we call print awareness.  Print awareness is a child's understanding of how the printed word works.  For example, the fact that in English we typically read words from left to right and top to bottom.  When kids have a strong understanding of these spatial references, they are better equipped to learn how to both read and write!

This rhyme can work equally well as a baby lap bounce.  Simply bounce your child on your lap and gently grab the appropriate body part and give it a little shake, shake, shake!

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