Friday, April 5, 2013

Fingerplay Fun Friday!

This week we feature the classic nursery rhyme Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
(pretend to blow horn)
The sheep's in the meadow
(point over shoulder)
The cow's in the corn
(point over other shoulder)
But where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
(shrug shoulders with hands out, palms up)
He's under the haystack fast asleep
(pretend to sleep)

Will you wake him?
(point out)
No, not I!
(point in)
For if I do, he's sure to cry!
(pretend to cry)

This familiar Mother Goose rhyme is as old as the hills.  It has been entertaining children for countless generations. 

Most Mother Goose rhymes don't lend themselves to acting out nearly so well as Little Boy Blue.  It is super-easy to play along with the little boy who neglects his chores and falls asleep under the haystack. 

There are tons of delightful old rhymes that are terribly fun to say, even if they can't be acted out.  Most grownups will remember them from childhoods.  Sadly, in this busy day and age, it can be all too easy to raise a child with little or no exposure to classic nursery rhymes.

For folks interested in learning more about Mother Goose and her rhymes, I would heartily recommend the rich Mother Goose web site developed by the Information and Library Studies program at Rutgers University: Mother Goose: A Scholarly Exploration

And you could do worse than to check out these fantastic Mother Goose collections:

Title: My Very First Mother Goose
Editor: Iona Opie
Illustrator: Rosemary Wells
Find this book at your library

Many of the most familiar English nursery rhymes are collected in this beautiful over-sized book.
Title: Here Comes Mother Goose
Editor: Iona Opie
Illustrator: Rosemary Wells
Find this book at your library

Continuing the good work, this follow-up to My Very First Mother Goose collects many familiar and unfamiliar nursery rhymes.

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