Friday, March 22, 2013

Fingerplay Fun Friday!

Today we feature a fun little counting rhyme: The Pirate Song

The Pirate Song

When I was one I had some fun (hold up 1 finger)
On the day I went to sea
I hopped (hop up) aboard a pirate ship (put hand over eye)
And the captain (salute with your other hand) said to me:

You go this way (hold thumbs up and lean to one side)
That way (lean to the other side)
Forward (lean forward) and backward (lean backward)
Over the deep blue sea!

When I was two I tied my shoe...
When I was three I slapped my knee...
When I was four I shut the door...
When I was five I tood a dive...

Like the familiar Mother Goose nursery rhyme "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" this is one of those great counting songs that let kids explore the concepts of number and rhyme at the same time.  There is absolutely no reason to sing it the same way twice.  I encourage you to come up with new and fun rhymes for each number.  Better yet, invite your children to come up with funny rhymes.

Here are some possible versions:

When I was one I:
a) sucked my thumb
b) ate a plumb
c) went for a run

When I was two I:
a) got stuck in glue
b) went to the zoo
c) paddled my canoe

When I was three I:
a) got stung by a bee
b) jumped like a flea
c) climbed a tree

When I was four I:
a) sat on the floor
b) did roar
c) snored

When I was five I:
a) went for a drive
b) played a fife
c) arrived

As I have mentioned before, being able to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words is a critical skill that helps kids prepare for learning to read.  We call it phonological awareness.

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